Saturday, December 18, 2010

Marvel Nativity


  1. That's kind of weird that Baby Daredevil Jesus looks so much like Daredevil Joseph, isn't it? Because, well, you know.

    As an aside, that Galactus was recently going for $19.99 at Amazon and I missed it and hate myself for it.

    Also, I am upset that they haven't made a firey Human Torch like that in the Marvel Universe scale, though not as upset as I am that they haven't made an Invisible Woman at all.

  2. Yeah, the Baby Daredevil... I didn't think that out well when I set this up (and it's been taken down now, so I can't reshoot it).

    $20 for that Galactus?????? Oh man, I would have bought another one at that price. You know, as a backup in case anything ever happened to mine.

    That's crazy that they haven't made an invisible woman in Marvel Universe scale! I am looking forward to the Marvel Universe Thanos and Cable/baby Hope.

    Thanks for the comment. As you can tell I am always super excited to talk to anyone (even anonymously) about action figures.

  3. I can't take comics or action figures, but I do love the star above the stable.

  4. maybe they did make an invisible woman figure, but it was too lifelike...