Sunday, March 21, 2010

E.T. Today

You ever thought about how if ET were to come today that there is no way he would be able to get home? I mean, the machine he made to call his ship was made out of a record player and a Speak & Spell. How is he going to find a record player and a Speak & Spell in this day and age? He would have to go to ebay and pay quite a bit if he wanted them to work and who’s paypal account is he going to use? You see, that's the great irony of technology. We have advanced to the point where everyone has a cell phone, handheld digital music players, and wireless internet, but at the same time, the "old" technology which we concider "outdated" and "obsolete" is much more important to a lost alien like E.T. Sure we have come far, but we have also left alot behind... perhaps we've lost perspective about what's really important.

So what would happen if E.T. came today? He would not be able to contact his family back home and he would be left here to die and then he would probably be disected by scientists who would try to splice his genes with human genes and create a new race of abominations that eat our children and have glowing fingers.

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