Monday, May 10, 2010

Thoughts On Nicholas Cage Fighting

- I think I heard he knows some Karate
- He was kind of tough in Con Air
- He was pretty funny in Raising Arizona
- I like him
- But I would kind of like to see him get punched in the face.
- He would probably be in the Welter Weight division.
- He’s kind of old.
- But I bet he’s pretty fast.
- If I got in a fight with him, I would talk a bunch of trash about how he was married to Elvis’ daughter.
- And how he is weird and talks funny.
- Baby Bry does a funny impression of Nicholas Cage.
- He’s all “Whoah… Mr President. I know about the book…
- It’s funny.
- I would also kind of like to see Baby Bry get punched in the face.
- Remember that movie Face Off?
- Oh man, the more I think about that movie, the more I want to see Nicholas Cage get in a fight.
- Maybe he could fight that guy who was Barbarino.
- I would want Nicolas Cage to win that one.
- But only just barely win.

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